30.08.2018 / Administrators

7th Uljana Semjonova cup in basketball for girls

1. Aims of the tournament:

           1.1. to give an opportunity of international tournament experience for Riga’s young basketball players;

           1.2. to popularize women’s basketball in Riga;

           1.3. to dignify famous basketball player Uljana Semjonova.

2. The tournament is organized by Sports and Youth Division of Department of Education, Culture and Sports of Riga City Council (hereafter - Organizer).

3. The tournament takes place from 27th till 30h of September, 2018 in basketball school “Riga” sports halls “Daugavas sporta nams” and “Rīdzene”.

4. Tournament takes place in two age groups:

           4.1. born in 2002 and younger;

           4.2. born in 2004 and younger.

5. In each age group there are competing four invited teams and two teams from Riga.

6. Competition is held according to FIBA rules.

7. In groups teams play one round tournament.

8. Game time in groups is 4 x 8 min.

9. Group games are held as follows:

           9.1. on 27th of September – 1 game;

           9.2. on 28th of September – 2 games;

           9.3. on 29th of September – 2 games.

10. Finals are held on 30th of September.

11. According to the results of groups, finals are held as follows:

           11.1. for the 5th place – 5th and 6th place of the group;

11.2. for the 3rd place – 3rd and 4th place of the group;

11.3. for the 1st place – 1st and 2nd place of the group.

12. For the win each team gets 2 points, for loss – 1 point, for breaking the competition rules or not attending the game – 0 points.

13. The team that gets more points gains higher place in the group tournament.

14. In case of equal number of points, the team gains higher place that:

           14.1. gets more points in mutual games;

           14.2. has better difference between scored and missed balls in mutual games;

           14.3. has better difference between scored and missed balls in all games.   

15. Until the beginning of the competition must be submitted team application with players names, surnames and date of birth.

16. The coach is responsible for the compliance of the state of health of players for participation in competitions. 

17. The Organizer provides the Physical personal data processing law. 

18. Matches take photographs and/or video images can be published on the organizer's web sites (including stored in the archives of public availability), printed publications, recordings and live TV.

19. Invited teams Organizer covers accommodation, meals and local transport costs.                               

20. All of the competing teams are awarded with the cups from Organizers.

21. 1st to 3rd place of each age group is awarded with medals (15 persons).

22. Best six players of each age group are awarded with prizes.

23. Participants of the tournament are awarded with commemorative prizes.