Final day

15.09.2019 / Administrators
In the 2019 tournament the group tournament games have successfully finished and today teams will play final games for places.

Finals will start at 9.30 at Rīdzene sport hall between UKS Kartuzy and Audentes that will play for the 5th place in U-17, then at 10.00 in Daugava sports hall - game for the 3rd place in U-17 between Kalininskaya and Klaipeda.  Final in U-17 group will start at 11.45 between BJBS Riga/Ridzene and Kolibri teams.

In group U-15 at 11.15 in Rīdzene sport hall  - game for the 5th place between Riga/Jugla and Tsmoki-Minsk select, at 13.30 in Daugava sports hall game for the 3rd place between Audentes and Vologda, but the final game for the 1st place in U-15 will start at 15.15 between RBJSS Riga and Soprona DA teams.

Come and support our girls in the finals!